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Inauguration of Seasonal Hostel in Bhaludongri Village in Raj Khariar Block of Odisha

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Yet another intervention of Tata Trusts under the migration theme is creating and strengthening ‘Seasonal Hostels’ in western Odisha where distress migration occurs on a large scale due to lack of work after the kharif season. A seasonal hostel was inaugurated in Bhaludongri village of Raj Khariar block in Nuapada district of Odisha by YCDA, a partner organisation of the Trusts. It is seen that most people in western Odisha migrate to neighbouring states along with their families for livelihood opportunities. Their children are forced to stop education half a way. They are bound to drop out from school for almost 6 months during the migrating season as they do not have a secure place to stay back which again increases the gap in learning process. Girls suffer the most due to security issues and are bound to migrate with their family. The only way to combat this problem is creating temporary seasonal hostel facilities in the existing schools for migration period where the parents can securely leave their children and migrate for livelihood. The objective behind creating and supporting Seasonal hostels by large is to increase the retention rate, reduce the dropout rate and learning gap that is caused due to migration. One seasonal hostel on an average provides education, boarding & lodging facilities to 60 children starting from the age of six years.

Tata Trusts is working along with the Government towards creating and improving facilities in Seasonal Hostels so that more number of children are able to stay back in hostels and continue studies and are not deprived of their right to basic elementary education. Trusts have planned to create 10 more seasonal hostels in Nuapada and Balangir district in the coming month.