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A beam of light, which changed my life

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I am senapti Bagh, a man of forty-five years old, live at Tughlapada village of Komna block in Nauapada. I am a migrant worker and use to migrate to Hydrabad for my bread and butter. As my days and years passes, my responsibilities also get multiplied. I also do not have any other source of income and my illiteracy and inadequate skill are my additional curse. How to fulfill the basic needs of my family and give them better life is always a great concern to me. Slowly and slowly I feel my indebtness is also increasing and my strength to face life is diminishing.

In gloomy mood as I am walking in my village I have seen some people are talking about some meeting and training. One of my friends interacts with me and explains to me about what the meeting is for and what type of training TATA TRUSTS is giving. On a scheduled date with thirty people I have attended the training and exposure related to agriculture.

The exposure really changed my life like a bagpiper. After returning from the meeting I tried to replicate the knowledge in field to see its effectiveness. With acquired knowledge I have started my initiatives but in time interval I have been given technical support from TATA TRUSTS personnel to carry forward my work smoothly.

I learned the best practices of vegetable cultivation and put all my efforts to practice this learning in my land.

 It took me months of hard work to experience the first fruit. I understand that few simple but important steps like timely field preparation before sowing, use of certified seed suitable for a particular climatic condition, seed treatment, proper use of fertiliser& pesticide can impact production dramatically.

When I concluded three months of production cycle I have seen my total sales of 70,000 from ½ acre of land. With my earning I have dugged a bore well costing Rs 35000/- to continue my vegetable cultivation in all season


Though my earning has not structured my house but yes it has strongly gripped my foundation and has made me not to move forcibly to other sate for work.