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“Agriculture is the noblest of all alchemy for it turns earth and even manure into gold conferring upon its cultivator the additional reward of health”.

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Tata Trusts was celebrating the KRISHI MELA 2018: Bringing new techniques and ideas to the farmers, on 28th February 2018 at Jampani village of Jampani G.P in Nuapada District Odisha.

The main objective of Krishi Mela was to use this platform as a interface medium among the farmers, farmers’ community and Government for experience sharing. This Mela showcases how gaining technical expertise from technical person one can stop forced migration finding livelihood option within his or her community without migrating and improving the economical stand.

This Mela also tries to exhibit best practices of migrant labours who turned into small farmers in five blocks of Nuapada District. This medium also generates awareness among the farmers community on subject related to good agricultural practices, quality seeds, fertilizer, cropping pattern, solar water, fencing, boundary and local market linkages etc.   

Krishi Mela undoubtedly provided a platform to the farmers where they can interact for better technology and better yield and had initiated to educate the farmers to adopt alternate source of revenue generation.

The District Magistrate Sj. Poma Tudu, Tata Trusts programme Officer Ms.Mary Surin and partner organization PARDA, KARMI and YCDA graced the meeting.

Total ten stall was displayed where the migrant labour shared their successful case stories in in front District Magistrate and with all the farmers presented in the mela.

Sj. Poma Tudu appreciated the initiative taken by Tata Trusts in Gram Panchayat level and insisted that if the farmers would turn to Farmer Producer Organization then she would give her full support in future venture.

The Mela was a grand success where total 675 farmers of five blocks (Nuapada, Komna, Rajkharaiar, Boden and Sinapali) participated and made the mela worth learinig medium and a energy booster for the farmers.