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“A ray of light --------- that gives a positive change”

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My name is Rajendra Majhi a man of 45 years of age who lives in Kirkita village of KirkitaGrampachayat. I am a migrant worker and during the kiln period I move to destination with my family to fulfill my family need. I used to migrate to Hyderabad to work in Brick Kiln. Since 2012, I had been migrating where I had to work day long without safety and in very low wages.No one care while I fall sick.Even during the sick time, the owner made me work in brick kiln. To keep my family alive, I had to work in any circumstance at destination.

But as time was passing my responsibilities were also increasing and I can sense the load and pressure. Being landless and uneducated were the extra curse to me. How to sustain my family was always my great concern and my sleepless nights continued when I saw my daughter growing. Being a parent how to keep her safe wa also my concern which I cannot defy.

In a depressed mood as I was moving thinking of how I can find the other mode of income to sustain my family I got the chance to talk with one of the Trusts personnel. He interacted with me asking me about my interest of work and linked me with one of the partner organization(YCDA)

I came know about many activities of the YCDA toward sustainable livelihood of migrant’s families by village meeting and villager when he had come to village.

 Then I explained my family condition and willingness to work staying in village instead of migrating leaving his daughter at home. YCDA conducted many meeting with migrants with intervention of Livolink to finding potential area of individual to generate sustainable livelihood in source.

I showed my interest in fish business with small amount and presented my business plan. YCDA with support of Livolink came forward to me and helped with small credit and handholding support. As a result, I was able to earn minimum 10,000 Rupees doing fish business in villages of his Panchayat and happily stayed with my family. I was very grateful to YCDA and Livolink Foundation for helping me to earn staying at home so that I can able to fulfill my family needs staying with them.